Miracle Method Franchise Ranked in the Qualified Remodeler Top 500

Qualified Remodeler Magazine publishes its annual ranking of the nation’s largest remodeling firms based on dynamic growth, diversification and annual revenues. Miracle Method secured the number 32 spot on the list among the other 2016 Top 500 remodeling firms.

miracle method top remodeler To view the full list of 2016’S Top 500 Remodelers click here!

For over 35 years, the top remodeling and home improvement brands in the industry have been recognized by Qualified Remodeler, a media outlet for renovation best practices, news, and design inspiration.

Miracle Method stands out on the list with growing brand recognition, franchise support, marketing and sales training. Miracle Method is on track to exceed $60 million in revenues in 2016, an impressive increase of 12% over 2015’s record breaking numbers.

Miracle Method, the nation’s largest refinishing company repairs and refinishes bathtubs, showers, ceramic tile and countertops without the mess, expense and hassle of traditional replacement. The high quality alternative provides a beautiful, durable, and affordable upgrade to make fixtures look new again. When it comes to kitchen and bath renovations, customers turn to Miracle Method for savings up to 75% over traditional removal and replacement.

“At Miracle Method, we believe that the success of our refinishing brand is a direct result of our proven business model that’s been in place since 1979. It’s quite the honor to be ranked among the top 40 remodelers across the nation and we owe it to our dedicated franchise owners,” said John Tubiolo, Vice President of Business Development. “Whether it’s enjoying a beautifully renovated kitchen or a freshly upgraded bathroom, we are committed to delivering a quality and affordable experience for our customers.”

Miracle Method is looking to add 10-15 new franchisees in target markets across North America including Florida, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, California and others by the end of the year.

To learn more about Miracle Method franchise opportunities click here or call John Tubiolo at 855-212-7337.

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Critical Questions to Ask When Reviewing Franchise Brands

If you’re interested in investing in a franchise, take the time to seriously evaluate each opportunity. When you take the time to ask the right questions, you are more likely to identify successful opportunities. We recommend asking each franchise you are exploring these top five determining questions.

How do you keep a focus on growth and innovation?

Reviewing Franchise Brands
Businesses who fail to maintain a high level of creativity or consistently make improvements, easily get left behind. For example, companies like Blockbuster, Borders and Kodak slowly disappeared after resisting change. When searching for the right franchise model, it’s important to learn more about the development plans of the franchise. Ask questions like, “what are your future plans for expansion?” Or, “How has your business changed as technology rapidly evolves?” Brands that stay fresh in the market are the ones who are consistently focused on innovation and continue to be more successful.

Are you able to easily adapt quickly to changes?

reviewing franchise brands

As many are aware, when dealing with any type of business environment there will be several changes that occur from unexpected forces. From organization structure to minimum wage, healthcare requirements and the overall economy, businesses are challenged. Whether it’s a large or small impact, the key to surviving good and bad economies is a proven business model.

How do you define your company’s competitive advantage?

reviewing franchise brands

Whichever franchise offering you choose to select, take a look at the competitive advantage offered. Whether its price, service, quality, location, or an existing customer base, having an advantage over your competitors will set your business apart. As always, understanding your customers is key to running a successful franchise.  When reviewing franchise brands, use great resources like 2016’s Top Franchises from Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list to guide you through the decision process of buying a franchise.

What is your strategy to maintain customer retention?

reviewing franchise brands

In any type of business you enter, return customers will be one of your top quality sources for leads. Successful franchises always take the necessary steps to keep customers coming back. Remember, if a franchise is not actively gathering and analyzing customer feedback, they are missing out on significant opportunities. Dedication to customer experience generates awareness and referrals, leading to even greater success!

Chuck Pistor, President of Miracle Method  says, “Obtaining direct feedback from our customers helps us to improve business operations, correct shortcomings, and deliver excellent customer service.” The Miracle Method Franchise is rapidly growing to keep up with the impressive demand for its refinishing services, combined with a proven business model, unparalleled training programs and ongoing support systems.

What type of training and support will be provided?

reviewing franchise brands

The number one question to discuss when reviewing a franchise opportunity is the type of training and support that will be provided. Startup and ongoing training programs backed by extensive franchise support are critical to launching a successful start-up. Training programs are the building blocks to learning new techniques for a more productive workforce. Ultimately, excellent franchise training and support will not only create a strong and consistent brand, but maximize revenue opportunities for the entire network. Check out the ratings and reviews of today’s top franchise opportunities as rated by actual owners.

Miracle Method has developed a proven business model and processes for a successful business including extensive training and support. To learn more about Miracle Method Franchise ownership opportunities, call us at 855-212-7337 to get started.

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16 Brilliant Ideas to Create More Space

create space

Learn how to create more space and style in smaller rooms throughout your home. If you’re looking for space definition, you’ve come to the right place. Even the smallest rooms in your home can hold the greatest potential! A smaller space means you must carefully plan to fit your budget. Use our expert advice for these brilliant space saving solutions.


create space
CHOOSE LIGHT PAINT. Neutral paint colors make all the difference when it comes to creating an illusion of space. If darker colors fit into your decorating plans, try painting a single accent wall to prevent shrinking spaces.

RE-ARRANGE FURNITURE. Get creative when positioning furniture! Use shorter walls to perfectly center beds or dressers for that warm, cozy vibe.

MIX IT UP. Spice it up by decorating bedding, wall décor, and pillows in super fun textures. A mix of funky patterns paired with a simple print creates the right blend of balance without overcrowding your bedroom.

USE BRIGHT LIGHTING. As you may already know, dark spaces make a room appear smaller. Investing in good lighting options will open up a room and go a long ways in making the space feel bigger and brighter.


create space
– If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life. — Louis Parrish


INSTALL SHELVING. Wrap-around shelving is a brilliant fix to maximize storage space. When it comes to a lack of counter space, good shelving can provide all the storage you need to stay organized.

REFINISH COUNTERTOPS. Countertops are one of the first things you see when you enter a kitchen. Be mindful of outdated or damaged surfaces. Refinish countertops for a beautiful, new look that will draw attention to the beauty of the kitchen versus this size. The biggest advantage of countertop refinishing is a savings of 50% or more over the cost of replacement so you can achieve a high-end look without the high-end cost.

create spaceUSE AN ISLAND BAR INSTEAD OF A KITCHEN TABLE: Island and bar top tables fit perfectly into a smaller kitchen, adding extra needed space. Take a look at some neat kitchen island ideas right here.

KEEP THE LIGHTS ON: We know dark colors tend to be a popular choice for kitchen walls. To keep your kitchen from looking smaller, install under-cabinet lights. Regardless of color, bright lighting is the trick to creating the ultimate illusion of space.


White Bathroom in Country House

HANG TOWEL RACKS IN RIGHT PLACE. A clever trick to save space is to hang towel racks above the bathtub. An easy-to-reach spot that utilizes space correctly, so you can have more wall space to decorate.

GO FOR THE BIGGEST MIRROR. When choosing what type of mirror style you want, select the larger option to create more space. The larger the mirror, the greater reflection of light will illuminate to make your bathroom appear larger.

FIND THE BEST STORAGE. Use tall cabinets with multiple drawers for storing towels, toiletries and other accessories. Taller pieces draw the eye upward into often unused space.  Eliminate large, bulky and unwanted furniture pieces and clutter.

REFINISH WITH NATURAL ACCENTS®. Brighten up your bathroom countertops with Natural Accents from Miracle Method, creating a beautiful transformation with a stone-like finish for vanities, countertops, showers, fiberglass shower units, and tile surrounds. A light, bright new color can transform your space.

Living Room:

create space

MAKE SENSE OF YOUR COFFEE TABLES: Look for long skinny coffee tables or mirrored edged end tables that offer extra surface space for table lamps, picture frames, and decorative accents.

Visually expand your square footage by painting the ceiling a darker shade than the color of your walls. A simple trick to create more space.

CREATE OPEN SPACE. Find furniture that fits the style and design of the room without over doing it. It may work better to use a single large sitting sofa than two smaller ones that take up more space. Check out design ideas on Pinterest. Get inspiration on what might work for your space.

LET YOUR CURTAINS HANG HIGH. Add useful space with curtains that fall to the floor.  This will make the room and ceilings appear much taller.

Renovations are surprisingly simple with Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, check out our website for more information, call to schedule a free estimate at 855-212-7337 or click here to locate a franchise near you!

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Inexpensive Renovation Tips to Sell your Home Faster

If you are interested in selling your home quickly for the maximum asking price, you must improve the aesthetics of your home to create added value. When it comes to renovating your property, the bathrooms and kitchen should be at the very top of your list. Get top dollar for your home with these simple, affordable updates.

inexpensive renovation


Renovations are expensive! Rather than replacing your kitchen countertops with new, have your existing counters refinished by Miracle Method. Add value to your home by simply reviving your old, dated countertops with a beautiful, like-new finish, while avoiding the cost and mess of replacement. Whether you have outdated, ugly bathroom vanities, tile, bathtubs or showers, a fresh new Natural Accents® color will give you a high end, stone-look finish!

inexpensive renovation


Any repairs you’ve been putting off will most likely stick out to potential home buyers. Even ones that are not so obvious may end up showing up during the inspection which may lead to a delayed close as well as create doubt in the buyers’ mind that the home has been properly maintained. Take the time prior to listing to ensure you’ve made necessary repairs. Check out this Article on Angie’s List for what is covered in an inspection report.

inexpensive renovations

Always do a deep cleaning before placing your home on the market. Create a presentable image to illustrate a well-cared for home. The cheapest way to elevate appearance is to wash windows, dust furniture and wax floors for that extra sparkle. Mostly importantly, create a spacious view by removing excessive clutter. If you have a difficult time keeping your home tidy during the showing process, consider finding and hiring a professional cleaner from Care.com to help ensure it is always show ready.

inexpensive renovation


First impressions are critical for a seller’s success, so be sure your landscaping gives off a healthy green glow. Take these necessary steps to improve your landscape; plant flowers, install stone walkways and remove weeds. A spruced up exterior with a well maintained lawn makes for an eye-catching view the moment buyers walk up. LoveYourLandscape is the official website of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). The site is designed to educate, inspire, and encourage you to live, work, and play outside and has great ideas on updating your landscaping!

Grand Entrance

An appealing entrance sets the tone for the rest of the viewing. Freshening up your entrance easily welcomes visitors into your home. Consider inexpensive renovation tips like painting your old door, installing new house numbers, or adding a decorative wreath. It’s all about making that first impression as potential buyers walk through the doorway of their potential new home for the first time.

inexpensive renovations

Fresh Paint

Neutral based tones accented by lighter color choices are far more appealing and amplify space to make it appear larger. Repaint any rooms with bright distracting colors. Softening wall colors allows potential buyers to easily visualize your living space as their own. A change in color makes all the difference! Consider checking out Joanna Gaines newest paint line, Magnolia Home, for inspiration!

inexpensive renovations

For more information on updating your bathrooms and kitchen with beautiful refinished surfaces in as little as two days, check out more posts on the Miracle Method blog for inspiring home design ideas and tips! Or give us a call at 855-212-7337 to find a location near you!

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Traits of a Successful Franchise Owner

If you’re ready to take charge and become your own boss, then owning a franchise may be the right choice for you. When pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams, choosing the right franchise opportunity is essential for your success.

Do you think you have what it takes? Let’s discuss some of the important traits and attributes of a successful franchise owner.

successful franchise
1. Leadership. Synchronization of organizational goals and efficiency all stem from the core function of leadership. Successful franchisees need effective leadership to formulate strategic goals, business operations, provide direction, and delegate to employees.

2. Willingness to Learn. Franchises rely on a proven business model built for success, so keep an open mind when learning the management system developed. During training with the corporate office you will learn the core tactics designed for the company’s success. Remember to take advantage of the support network provided, which will improve your business operations and overall profitability.

3. Effective Communication. When joining a network of franchise owners, it’s important to communicate effectively. Remember to communicate with not only your employees and customers, but the entire network of franchisees and the corporate headquarters. Lend a suggestion or give helpful advice as new franchisees are brought on board. This is critical to success in any business and franchise businesses are no exception.

4. Competitive Drive. Exhibiting a healthy competitive drive will help you achieve your goals. As you become emerged in your designated market, start to think about expansion plans. When you take the risk to expand your franchise into multiple territories, you will generate more volume in sales and create a larger impact on brand awareness. An increased market share is a great opportunity for even greater success!

A franchise opportunity like Miracle Method has developed proven systems and processes for a successful business. To learn more about Miracle Method Franchise ownership opportunities, call us at 855-212-7337 to get started!

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