Miracle Method makes your Kitchen and Bath Beautiful

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8 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Transformations

Do you want granite countertops but simply can’t afford them or don’t want to exhaust your budget? Granite is very trendy but can often be cost or time prohibitive. Installing new granite countertops can become a huge hassle and there is little room for error when matching slabs together to ensure a consistent look. Miracle Method’s Natural Accents® provide a consistent, luxurious stone-look appearance resembling beautiful granite countertops at a fraction of the cost and can be used for countertops, vanities and ceramic tile.

Take a look at these beautiful countertop transformations using Miracle Method’s Natural Accents refinishing process. It just may leave you questioning why you were going to spend that much on granite in the first place.

Before and After Miracle Method’s Natural Accents®

countertop transformations

countertop transformationscountertop transformationscountertop transformations

Countertop refinishing is a process of repairing and restoring an existing kitchen counter or bathroom vanity to extend its functional life, without replacement.

countertop transformationscountertop transformationscountertop transformations
countertop transformations

Save money, time and effort with Miracle Method’s Natural Accents  collection. Specially formulated coatings provide a look and feel that give you a beautiful, long lasting finish without the cost or maintenance. A warm, consistent contrast of a stone, multicolor blend that not only looks luxurious, but costs up to 75% less than granite countertops.

When selecting a remodeling option for your kitchen countertops, quality matters. A five-year warranty protects your countertops from failure of adhesion. A countertop refinished by Miracle Method will last 15+ years with proper care and maintenance. Natural Accents is an affordable alternative to granite countertops and will allow you to love your kitchen again.

Interested in Natural Accents?

Use our virtual color tool to view Natural Accents in a variety of kitchen cabinet styles. To learn how Natural Accents can beautifully transform bathtubs, showers, countertops and more, call 855-212-7337 to speak with your local Miracle Method franchise.


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Success to Investing in a Mobile Franchise

mobile franchiseAdvantages of Mobile Franchise

Choosing the right franchise opportunity is an important and often difficult decision. Have you considered the benefits of selecting a franchise opportunity with a mobile service model? Mobile franchises are one of the fastest growing sectors in franchising – so if you haven’t considered it, you should, and here’s why.

GENERATE MORE SALES WITH LESS INVESTMENT- The total costs of expanding a mobile business often comes down to purchasing an additional vehicle unit, meaning significant less overhead for growth. Let’s take a look at adding one Miracle Method service unit. At an approximate investment of $26,000 ($16,000 vehicle, $6,000 equipment, and $4,000 technician training) on average can generate over $156,000 of sales a year, a weekly range of $3,000-$4,500. Each vehicle becomes a direct source of revenue for the franchise, a convenient alternative to a traditional franchise which may require a new an entirely new location to achieve growth.

mobile franchise
NO LARGE RETAIL FACILITY REQUIRED- Have you researched the going rate for retail space in your area? Wow, price for retail spaces in many markets are cost prohibitive for a new entrepreneur! Many franchise options with a mobile service model require smaller facilities in a less visible area, which means, more affordable. Cash is king in starting a new business; the last thing you need to be concerned with is a large monthly lease expense, property taxes, and additional fees. Choosing a mobile franchise model can help you avoid extensive facility acquisition costs.

GENERATE HIGHER SALES REVENUE – Use Entrepreneur Magazine to research annual franchise rankings and select a mobile franchise model with a higher average sales ticket for a greater ROI. For example, the average ticket price for Miracle Method is about $1,100 – converting to a quicker return on investment than the average mobile franchise unit. A higher per job invoice helps achieve revenue goals quicker. Refinish a single tub for $350 or make 58 sandwiches at $6 each – seems like a no brainer!

EFFICIENT PLATFORM FOR BRAND AWARENESS – Promotion made simple! Company vehicles effectively serve as a universal branding tool for mobile franchises. Double your exposure while on the job site and while traveling to and from. Vehicles provide a super easy, cost effective marketing solution to increase brand awareness, rather than a traditional billboard or signage. A one-of-a-kind moving billboard will attract attention, engage new leads, and translate to increased brand awareness.

mobile franch

SIGNIFICANT OPPORTUNITY – What’s new today, is old tomorrow. Immediately after home renovations are complete, home infrastructure begins to age. The constant cycle of replacing outdated surfaces in residential homes and commercial properties allows for continual refinishing updates. A successful franchise product or service exhibits a high level of demand, like the booming business of Miracle Method’s Surface Refinishing process. As trends begin to fade, the demand for constant kitchen and bath renovations will always exist. Mobile unit profitability combined with high demand, equals a great business opportunity.

CONSUMER DEMAND CONVENIENCE – Whether it is a sandwich, dry cleaning, glass repair or home services – convenience equals competitive advantage. Mobile business models are on the rise because consumers continue to speak – convenience matters. Miracle Method offers free estimates where color choices are brought right to the customer and the process of completely transforming the look of existing bathtubs or countertops can all be done without customers ever leaving their home.

Miracle Method Franchise Opportunity

Are you a self-motivated individual with drive and discipline interested in growing a business? Miracle Method Surface Refinishing is adding 15-20 new franchise locations throughout the United States and Canada in 2016. For more information, or to take the next step, contact John Tubiolo at 855-212-7337.

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The Right Way to Repair Outdated and Worn Countertops

Do you have outdated and worn countertops in your kitchen and bathroom? Is your grout becoming extremely difficult to clean? Interested in a remodeling option, but can’t afford costly countertop replacements? If you are looking for a money-savings alternative to replacing your countertops, surface refinishing is the solution for you.

Miracle Method is the world’s largest surface refinishing company in the United States. Learn how to make your existing tile beautiful again all while fitting your style and budget.

worn countertops

Tile counters and back-splash refinished to look like new again – and the grout is completely sealed!

4 Amazing Benefits to Remodeling without Replacement

–Refinishing is a process of repairing and restoring existing surfaces to extend their functional life, without replacement.

More Affordable than Replacement

Bring new life to your existing fixtures with Miracle Method’s surface refinishing process, plus avoid the chaotic demolition mess associated with countertop replacement. On average, homeowners save up to 75% by choosing surface refinishing. Don’t spend thousands of dollars replacing your countertops, refinish for a beautiful makeover that won’t break your bank!

Save Time

Don’t stress over a lengthy timeline. Unlike other remodeling options, you can score the kitchen of your dream in days, not weeks. Imagine transforming your kitchen or bathroom in as little as 1-2 days. Miracle Method’s team of technicians complete the refinishing process in a timely manner, so you can start enjoying your kitchen sooner.


The main goal when selecting a remodeling option is often quality. Choose refinishing for long-lasting results. Miracle Method’s service warranty guarantees quality with proper care and maintenance. Refinishing can add useful life to your existing countertop surfaces for 15 years or more, organically beautiful countertops for many years!


Choosing a cost effective solution over replacement doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice an attractive countertop surface with a luxurious appeal. Miracle Method offers a real stone luster featured in our sophisticated line of Natural Accents®, a collection of countertop finishes available in a variety of colors and textures to complement all types of décor.

Visit one of Miracle Method’s showrooms to see the beauty for yourself. Call 855-212-7337 for a free countertop refinishing estimate or click here for more information.


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Celebrate Memorial Day with the #1 Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

This Memorial Day, take time out of your celebration to honor our fallen soldiers and recognize those for their continual service. We sincerely thank all the brave men and woman who proudly serve our country.

Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

“Memorial Day this year is especially important as we are reminded almost daily of the great sacrifices that the men and women of the armed services make to defend our way of life.” — Robin Hayes

Guarantee Your Future – A Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

According to the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs about half of all service members transitioning into civilian life have faced a period of unemployment within 15 months of separation. Finding a new career path outside the service can be challenging. If you’re looking for a discovery process that offers a successful transition, Miracle Method may be the right fit for you! Discover a reputable veteran’s franchise opportunity that aligns well with military experience.

The Process

Navy Veteran and VP of Franchise Sales, John Tubiolo recognizes a successful business model, “with a great ROI, low initial investment, and limited to no market competition, Miracle Method has become a great option for veterans seeking a low-risk, high-reward opportunity.” Defense training corresponds to the corporate environment as veterans acquire a diverse set of skills that convert into successful leadership, team building, and strategic management abilities.


Miracle Method was rated one of the top 100 franchise opportunities for veterans by Franchise Business Review. In just a 24 month period, Miracle Method’s top franchisees generated annual sales between $779,868 and $2,009,114. Join the many successful veteran franchise owners at Miracle Method today.

Franchise Support

Extensive training programs combined with organizational support from the corporate office lead to a successful franchise. Unlike conventional franchises, Miracle Method provides each franchise with all the local marketing and advertising tools needed. A franchise opportunity that offers long term success.

Get Started

All the essential information needed to begin your business is included in our discovery process. A simple start-up process to own a franchise in as little as 45 to 60 days. Plus, receive a veteran’s franchise discount for all veterans interested in owning a Miracle Method franchise.

More Information

Find out more about Miracle Method’s Franchise Opportunity for Veterans or call us at 855-212-7337.


Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

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Color of the Year – Cappuccino White

Cappuccino white has set the trend board for 2016 Color of the Year, a subtle hint of neutral complexation resembling a warm milky, mocha latte! Awaken a sense of calming with a soft organic color palette highlighted by dark earthy undertones. Rejuvenate style instantly by achieving a subtle white cappuccino theme decor, perfect for any space you choose!

Stay connected with all the latest style secrets, trending color patterns, and fashion forward elements related to home design. Discover clever ideas to introduce cappuccino into your existing home decor.

Color of the year
Cappuccino White Decorating Ideas


Accent Walls

GLIDDEN® paint shows off the finest color trends of 2016, in a variety of virtual room layouts inspired to design any living space you choose. Paint a beautiful cappuccino white accent wall infused by warm neutral hues to create a peaceful atmosphere throughout the entire home. Accent walls painted with light colors provide the right touch of contrast for a cozier, gentle space. Complete your final look by combining fashionable accessories, decorative bedding, and sweet scented candles. Spruce up your décor!

Cappuccino Surfaces

Refinishing transforms outdated kitchen and bathroom countertops to neutral multi-color surfaces similar to the color palette of cappuccino. Neutral countertop surfaces are an attractive remodeling component to appeal to longer lasting trends. Renew cultured marble, Corian, Formica, Wilsonart and other laminate surfaces with Miracle Method’s Surface Refinishing process. Restore existing fixtures while offering a durable and attractive remodeling solution at a fraction of the cost. Create a whole new look in as little as 1-2 days, choose from over 30 designer colors , 2016 color of the year never looked so good!

Color of the year

Throw Pillows

There’s no better way to obtain a sophisticated design than mixing it up from solid to patterned fabric pillows. Create the ultimate cappuccino blend by pairing shades of white, cream, and beige together, all while encouraging modern comfort. Free your mind from the everyday chaos. Sit back and relax with uniquely simple decorating elements. Shop a wide range of fantastically affordable throw pillows from popular sites like Target, Pier1, and WayFair. Just add pillows to modernize your living space!

Home Remodeling is made simple with Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, check out our website for more information or call to receive a free estimate at 855-212-7337. Locate a franchise near you!

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