4 Steps to Planning a Stress-Free Bathroom Makeover

Tired of looking at that hideous and outdated tile every time you step into the shower? Are you ready to transform your bathroom but worried about the cost, mess and hassle of replacement? Giving your bathroom a makeover doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Use these clever steps for a relatively simple and stress-free remodeling experience.

The Ultimate Guide: A Simple and Stress-Free Bathroom Makeover

Stress-Free Bathroom Makeover

#1: Plan Ahead

Whether you’re considering a large or small remodeling project for your bathroom, planning ahead is essential to making sure your home renovations run smoothly. The first step is to establish a concrete plan to clearly identify your needs, budget, and overall project goals. The next step is to explore all of your remodeling options. Take the initiative to visit a showroom in your local area for a quick-guided tour of fresh and modern displays. This way you can not only envision your new bathroom the way you want it to look in your home, but you can design it exactly how you want!

Stress-Free Bathroom Makeover#2: Seek Affordability

Often times, a homeowner’s budget can place heavy constraints on home remodeling methods. Replacement remodeling happens to be one of the most expensive renovations alternatives currently out on the market. However with the affordability of surface refinishing, you never have to sacrifice style or quality to upgrade your home. In fact, when it comes to remodeling with Natural Accents® stone look finishes, customers can actually save up to 75% over the cost of granite or real stone. Miracle Method, the nation’s largest kitchen and bathroom refinishing company can transform any bathroom to sparkle with absolute beauty. Check out some of the transformations here!

Planning a Stress-Free Bathroom Makeover#3: Schedule Your Renovations

Scheduling your renovations can be a tricky task when the project timeline calls for any type of demolition or additional plumbing work in the home. If you’re looking for the a timely solution, the refinishing process takes as little as two days or less to fully transform your existing bathroom vanities, showers or bathtubs to look and feel like new again. Your existing surfaces can be repaired and refinished in place without ever tearing out the existing surface. The timeline for remodeling is significantly reduced when you decide to refinish your existing surfaces, and best of all there’s absolutely no mess involved!

Stress-Free Bathroom Makeover
#4: Work with a Professional

Home remodeling should always be handled by a professional company with licensed and insured technicians. When selecting a professional to handle your stress-free bathroom makeover, be sure to research company reviews, work experience in the industry and service warranties. This way you know you have placed your bathroom makeover in the hands of a trusted professional. And remember, bathroom remodeling projects can be very expensive, especially if you have to go back and fix that disaster “do it yourself” project. You won’t regret using a professional service that delivers a well-designed makeover with high-quality, durable and beautiful results.

Stress-Free Bathroom Makeover

For more ideas on how to plan a simple and stress-free bathroom makeover, contact your local Miracle Method at 855-212-7337.

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2017 Home Remodeling Trends On Budget

2017 Home Remodeling Trends

It’s time to consider making 2017 the year you finally get those long awaited home decorating and remodeling projects you’ve been dreaming of done! Whether you are looking to update your kitchen or just interested in sprucing up some of your home décor, it’s always wise to start with setting a budget. Fortunately for you, capturing 2017’s emerging home trends doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Check out these fabulous, yet affordable 2017 home remodeling trends!

 1. Surface Refinishing

2017 Home Remodeling Trends

If you haven’t already checked out the Natural Accents® stone-look finishes from Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, now’s your chance! Bring in the New Year with these beautiful, designer color finishes that will instantly upgrade the appearance of your kitchen countertops, vanities, tile, bathtubs and more- all for a fraction of the cost of tear-out and replacement. In fact, surface refinishing can transform your existing surfaces in as little as two days or less. Refinishing your existing surfaces is a beautiful alternative to costly replacement for any home improvement project, saving you time, hassle and money.

2. White Kitchen Cabinets

2017 Home Remodeling Trends

Photo credit: decorpad.com

HGTV stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines are known for the popular choice of white kitchens. Thanks to our Fixer Uppers, this trend is sweeping the entire nation and doesn’t look like it’s going out of style anytime soon. If you’re looking to recreate that modern, farmhouse feel in your very own kitchen, start by painting the cabinets. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen cabinets in neutral shades like ivory white or eggshell cream will give your home that HGTV rustic appeal that everyone’s looking for. For more Fixer Upper inspiration, shop the Magnolia Market here.

3. Chalk It Up

2017 Home Remodeling Trends

Photo Credit: Heartomemag.com

Chalkboard paint is another fun trend seen this year, particularly featured on Pinterest. If you want to shake things up a little by adding personalization to your home, chalkboard paint is the ideal solution. Try re-purposing old wine bottles, canvases, trays, picture frames, mirrors and so much more. When it comes to defining the style of your home, you can get as creative as you want. Other on-trend decor elements seen in the New Year include burlap, wood planks and lots and lots of greenery.

4. Built-In Coffee Bar Station

2017 Home Remodeling Trends
Photo credit: brightgreendoor.com

One of our favorite remodeling trends seen in the New Year are modern, built-in coffee bar stations. Whether you’re looking for that double-shot boost to jump start your mornings or just want to enjoy a cozy afternoon, everything you need is all located in one nifty place. Stock your coffee station with things like tea, coffee, honey, sugar, mugs, spoons and so much more. For hundreds of creative coffee bar designs and ideas, jump right on over to Pinterest!

5. Pendant Lighting

2017 Home Remodeling Trends

Trade in your existing lighting fixtures for some vibrant styled pendant lighting. Unique pendant designs like iron cages or fish bowl glass are great ways to brighten up your space, while remaining 100% functional and fashionable. Click here to find thousands of pendant designs to perfectly suit your remodeling wants and needs.

6. Woven Wall Hangings

2017 Home Remodeling Trends

Photo credit: www.urbanoutfitters.com

Woven wall hangings started to gain traction in early 2016, and have since carried over into the New Year. These delicate, one of-a-kind woven designs are extremely light in weight, making it easy for you to rearrange your decor, anytime you like. And there’s certainly no doubt that these whimsical wall pieces will bring a creative spin to your home. Find woven wall hangings here!

7. Nature Inspired

2017 Home Remodeling Trends

Photo credit: magnoliamarket.com

Incorporating beautiful styled greenery décor in your home will create a nice, elegant contrast. Nature inspired accents are taking the crown for creative trends in 2017 to include indoor wreaths, potted plants, and eucalyptus stems. Wreaths are no longer just seen hanging from the front door, they are now placed above your fireplace, on old window pane or even mounted on a blank wall. Get inspired by nature and add a touch of greenery to your living room, kitchen, mud room or bedroom!

2017 Home Remodeling Trends

Use these affordable 2017 home remodeling trends to save money while transforming your home with the latest looks from 2017. For more information about remodeling your kitchen or a bathroom, visit Miracle Method’s website right here.

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15 Must-Do Projects to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

If you’re expecting guests this season, then there’s no better time to prepare your home for the holidays. Hosting the holiday bash of the year can be quite overwhelming, but by using these budget-friendly upgrades, you can finally sit back and relax!

Prepare your home for the holidays
Upgrade Bathroom – Don’t scare your guests away with ugly and outdated bathroom vanities or sinks. Refinish your existing surfaces before any guests arrive in just two days or less! For over 35 years, Miracle Method has been dedicated to providing clients with not only a quality experience, but beautifully refinished bathtubs and countertops that cost up to 75% less than traditional tear-out and replacement.

prepare your home for the holidaysInstall Back Splash – Spruce up your kitchen or bathroom by installing a colorful back splash. Consider using peel and stick tile back splashes from RoomMates Wall Décor for an instant, yet glowing transformation!

Photographs – Displaying photographs of your loved ones throughout the home is one of the easiest ways to decorate and add a personal touch. Not to mention, photographs are often a great conversation starter and your guests will enjoy hearing the stories behind them.

Create Shopping Lists – Whether it’s shopping for Christmas gifts, groceries or holiday decorations, consider putting together a detailed list six weeks in advance. When you plan ahead, you can almost guarantee a less-stress or stress-free holiday.

prepare your home for the holidays

Entrance Greetings– – There’s no better way to greet your family and friends than setting an excellent first impression as they walk through the door. Simply add holiday décor, wreaths or lighting to your entry way. Look at these eight super easy ideas from HGTV to deck out your front porch in style

prepare your home for the holidays

Photo credit HGTV.com

Organize Holiday Décor in advance and make a plan – We all know the ever so frustrating feeling, when you find a broken bulb in that strand of lights just placed on the tree. Before you start untangling those lights and decorating, go through your holiday decorations to make sure everything is working correctly and lay out a plan in advance of where everything will go

prepare your home for the holidays

Prepare the Guest Room– Organize the guest room, so your family and friends feel comfortable during their stay. Replace or clean the bed linens, add decorative pillows or hang wall art to brighten things up a little bit and make sure guest bathrooms are well stocked.

Accent Walls – The holiday season is the perfect time for a change of paint, or even a touch-up to your trim. We recommend a fresh coat of paint on an accent wall or painting an entire room to revitalize a space that needs an update!

prepare your home for the holidays

Refinish Kitchen Countertops – The Kitchen is where you will entertain your guests, bake goodies, and host the holiday party of the year. With Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, you can transform your kitchen or bathroom countertops with Natural Accents ® stone look finishes, in just two days or less. Avoid the embarrassment of worn, ugly and damaged countertops!

prepare your home for the holidays

Install New knobs – Simple upgrades can make all the difference. Adding new or decorative knobs to kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and drawers can certainly freshen things up quickly.

New Curtains – It’s a good idea to swap out your curtains every so often. As style and fashion is ever changing, we find that so are our homes. Replace your old curtains with some of the latest home décor trends introduced this fall, with modern design your guest will love!

prepare your home for the holidays

Photo credit hgtv.com

Deep Cleaning – Start your holiday season out right, with a deep cleaning session. The cleaning and care of baseboards, walls, windows, ceiling fans, floors, carpet and more, will surely impress your guests. Crank up the music and get to work!

Appliance Check – Don’t wait the very last minute to make sure all your appliances are up to speed- including your heating system and that extra freezer No one wants to celebrate in a freezing house or with no ice for the beverages! Check out your appliances today and get ready for holiday bake sessions and endless food preparations!

prepare your home for the holidays

Add/Change Lighting – Dim, foggy lights are out of the question this season. When hosting a holiday party, be sure to install new lighting fixtures that are in light, bright and cheery for all!

De-Clutter – Whether the holidays or anytime of year, if you are having guest over it’s time to go through that box of miscellaneous items that has been sitting in your hallway! Make piles for items you want to keep, donate or pitch. Store items you want in the proper space to ensure your home stays tidy. A tidy home is always more inviting.

According to Home Advisor, homeowners report an average kitchen remodel costs about $20,474 and smaller projects between $10-15,000. If you are interested in a faster, more affordable and beautiful remodeling solution, before the holidays arrive, start by checking out Miracle Method’s refinishing services. Visit our website here or contact your local franchise at 855-212-7337. Prepare your home for the holidays today and beat the holiday rush!

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Franchise Success For Military Veterans

Military veterans who are beginning to transition into civilian life may feel right at home as a business owner. Miracle Method, a professional refinishing franchise is named in the Top 100 franchise opportunities for veterans by Franchise Business Review. Find out how you can easily convert your military experience into successful business ownership.

franchise success for military veterans
Everyday skills used to run, operate and grow a healthy and thriving franchise include; leadership, teamwork, following systems and excellent communication skills. These skills are often seen in those with previous military experience. When combining a proven franchise model, like Miracle Method’s, with transferable military skills, new franchise owners can expect to hit the ground running.  Learn more about key opportunities that lead to franchise success for military veterans.

Miracle Method uses a proprietary refinishing process to transform outdated, ugly or damaged kitchen or bathroom surfaces to look like new again. Serving residential, commercial, the senior and mobility impaired consumers, surface refinishing offers a beautiful, durable, and affordable alternative to replacement for bathtubs, showers, ceramic tile and countertops. With cost savings of up to 75%, there’s no question to why customers continually turn to Miracle Method.

Miracle Method helps prepare new franchise owners to grow and succeed in the refinishing industry. In addition to startup training, ongoing training and support is provided from technical tips, to marketing and sales, to operational assistance. Entrepreneurs who are considering meeting the large demand for refinishing services with a Miracle Method franchise opportunity, can expect a strong entry into their market with a proven system.

Franchise Business Review (FBR) announces its annual list of the nation’s Top Franchises for Veterans based on franchise performance, owner satisfaction, opportunities for growth and annual revenues. For consecutive years, Miracle Method has been publicly recognized among the Top 100 Franchises for Veterans.

To view the full list of 2016’S Top Franchises for Veterans click here!

Miracle Method is looking to add new franchises in target markets across North America. If you’re interested in a Miracle Method franchise opportunity click here or call John Tubiolo at 855-212-7337.

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Kitchen Remodeling For First Time Homeowners

Kitchen renovations happen to be at the very top of the list for many first time homeowners, who are looking to make improvements. If you don’t plan wisely, replacing or removing existing fixtures can cost more than a brand new vehicle. But don’t sweat it, read on for a budget friendly remodeling tip to make your first home, a dream home!

Kitchen Remodeling For First Time Homeowners

You just closed the deal on the home of your dreams and the house was perfect, except for the kitchen. It definitely needs an upgrade. As the gathering space of the home, you’ve decided the dated, ugly and worn out neon blue kitchen countertops must be the first to go. Trying to create a beautiful new look but with a limited budget, where do you start?

First, you are in love with your new home now, but more than likely it won’t be your final stop. Not only can replacement exhaust your budget, but when you start moving plumbing and wiring, the costs can increase substantially. To get the most out of your budget, explore the many different renovation methods outside traditional replacement without compromising on style. For example, Miracle Method offers a vast selection of designer finishes for upgrading laminate, tile, Corian and cultured marble surfaces. Refinishing makes kitchen remodeling for first time homeowners incredibly easy and affordable.

Kitchen Remodeling For First Time Homeowners Kitchen Remodeling For First Time Homeowners

And fortunately for new homeowners, Miracle Method Surface Refinishing can repair and refinish any damaged, worn, cracked, outdated or dull surfaces for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Refinishing can even eliminate burns, cuts and scratches to countertop surfaces. Check out their designer collection of Natural Accents ® stone look finishes for a beautiful, modern appearance.

Many home remodeling professionals, realtors and interior designers recommend surface refinishing with Miracle Method as a high quality alternative for a tremendous value. With an average cost savings of 75 percent compared to the cost of granite and real stone, it gives you the look you want at a fraction of the cost.

After your countertops have been refinished try one of these affordable tips to give you the update you want without breaking the bank:

• Have your cabinets refinished in a light, bright color that opens the space up! (Some Miracle Method locations do this too! Check here to find a location near you!)
• Add an area rug or an island for a modern twist
• Mount your microwave to free up counter space
• Replace dated appliances for a cleaner look and improved energy efficiency
• Replace dated light fixtures with modern ones that allow for better lighting

For more information about Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, check out our website for more information, or call to schedule a free estimate at 855-212-7337. Click here to locate a Miracle Method location near you!

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