Can the Tile around my Fireplace be Refinished?

Removing and replacing tile is a messy, time consuming and costly endeavor.  Rather than replacing the tile, refinishing is a great alternative that can completely transform the look of the tile and often save over 50% compared to replacement costs. The gorgeous new look and cost savings alone make refinishing an excellent choice but an often overlooked additional benefit of refinishing is that all of those hard-to-clean grout lines are sealed.

No more difficult kneeling and scrubbing with a toothbrush trying to get the dirt, dust and stains out of the grout!

While the majority of tile refinishing is done in kitchens and bathrooms, those are not the only rooms where tile can be refinished. Tile refinishing can occur in many areas where tile exists- around a fireplace, in a bedroom or living area, tile backsplashes and even some tile floors. Refinishing is a quick and affordable alternative to replacement-making a dramatic change in the look of a space in just two days.

Fireplace for Blog

Only Miracle Method uses Natural Accents® stone-look finishes to give you the look of natural stone, without the cost.

Some other cost-effective ways to update the look of your space include:

  • Wall paint
  • Change out lampshades and throw pillows
  • Purchase frames on sale or clearance and fill with prints or family photos. Mix and match the frames for a unique look.
  • Change out hardware on doors and cabinets

Bottom line, updating the look of your home does not have to break the bank.

If you’d like to speak with a representative from Miracle Method to discuss ways that we can update the look of your home at an affordable price, give us a call at 855-212-7337 or click here to find a Miracle Method location near you!

Miracle Method Helps Those Selling Their Homes Get More

bathroom-2If you are trying to sell your home and are looking to update your bathroom before you put it on the market, there are a few things that you can do.

For starters, you DON’T have to rip out and replace your old tub and sink.  At Miracle Method, we can take any worn, damaged, hard to clean unit, and repair and refinish it, adding 10 – 15 years to the life of the fixture and make it look like new.  Not only is refinishing/repairing a bathtub or sink much less expensive than replacing it, but it is also much greener, keeping the excess tub or sink out of a landfill.

Realtors around the country know and advise homeowners that bathrooms and kitchens in a home can make or break a sale.  Notably, HGTV’s Lisa LaPorta from Designed to Sell tells viewers that “Tub refinishing is a great improvement to make, and it saves you a lot of money in labor because you don’t have to pay someone to rip out your old bathtub.”

If you are looking to add value to your home without spending the big bucks give Miracle Method a call at 855-212-7337.

We’re off to New York for the Annual IHMRS

This is our fourth year to attend the IHMRS, and we’re proud to be their premier provider of surface finishing services!  IHMRS Logo

The International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show (IHMRS) is the hospitality and tourism industry’s largest and most comprehensive trade show. It attracts owners, operators, and buyers from every hospitality sector around the world.

This year, the IHMRS is anticipating an estimated 16,000 attendees—many of them looking for remodeling and designs that enrich their guest’s experience while enhancing their bottom line.

And that’s what we do best!

We will demonstrate how our process saves both time and money while solving a lot of the most common problems facing hotels and motels, resorts, country clubs, and military lodging today:

  • Worn bathtubs
  • Surrounds
  • Damaged vanities

We can restore a room to service in as little as 3 days, instead of weeks for removing and replacing tile. And we permanently seal tile grout, making it mold- and mildew-resistant and easier to maintain long term.

We expect a great turnout and believe that this show will further establish Miracle Method as a leader in the hospitality and tourism industry.

The IHMRS will be held this year at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, NY, November 9 – 11.

And, with more than 135 offices across the US and Canada, Miracle Method can provide its services to virtually any hotel, motel, or restaurant.  To learn more about Miracle Method, visit, or call 855-212-7337.


Can Water Damage by My Sink be Repaired?

Oh, we love a sparkly new kitchen. kitchen10_after

Coffee smells richer. Fruit tastes fresher. Water boils faster. (Well, it seems to.) Cooking and entertaining guests is just more enjoyable.

Until you notice water damage—that soft spot on your kitchen countertop right next to the sink. While the damage isn’t bad enough to justify the time and cost of replacing your countertops, it’s something you definitely want to fix.

That’s where we come in!

You probably already know that our countertop refinishing works on all sorts of damage—from chips and scratches to burns and scorches. But did you know that we can fix water damage, too?

Miracle Method’s revolutionary process works so well, you’d never even know the damage was there. After the repair, our technicians apply a durable new finish to the entire countertop, giving it a smooth surface that has a rich, stone-look to it and feels brand-new.

So don’t let water damage spoil your kitchen or your coffee. We can quickly and affordably restore the sparkle—and flavor—to your kitchen.

Miracle Method can refinish a wide variety of countertops, like tile, cultured marble, Corian®, Formica®, Wilsonart® and other laminate countertops. Visit our website today to learn more about our countertop repair and refinishing process. If you have questions, go to or call 855-212-7337 to speak with a Miracle Method franchise near you.

Revive Your Outdated Kitchen with Countertop Refinishing

Do you love your kitchen? You should. And you can. But a complete remodel—the traditional way—can be expensive, messy, time-consuming, and wasteful.

That’s where we can help.

Blue Green Laminate BA Countertop

Refinishing your countertops with Miracle Method is faster, easier, more affordable, and gentler on the environment than replacing them.

A complete kitchen renovation can take months to finish, but we’ll be done with your countertops in just a day or two.

Reviving your existing surfaces means there’s nothing to tear out, nothing to drop, nothing to ding your doorframe as it’s being moved.

Countertop refinishing can save you anywhere from 50% to 75% over the cost of replacement, and the results are beautiful!

Finally, there’s no wasteful production of new countertops, no unnecessary gas emissions from transporting them, and no contribution to landfills.


What’s the catch? Limited selection? Mediocre quality?

No catch. We have a diverse selection of colors and textures to compliment virtually any décor, including our Natural Accents® stone-like finish. And, refinishing can add up to 15 years of life to your surfaces!

We’re pretty sure you’ll find something you love. Visit one of our showrooms to see for yourself.

Contact us at Miracle Method today for more information.