We’re off to New York for the Annual IHMRS


This is our fourth year to attend the IHMRS, and we’re proud to be their premier provider of surface finishing services!   The International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show (IHMRS) is the hospitality and tourism industry’s largest and most comprehensive trade show. It attracts owners, operators, and buyers from every hospitality sector around the … [Read more...]

Can Water Damage by My Sink be Repaired?


Oh, we love a sparkly new kitchen.  Coffee smells richer. Fruit tastes fresher. Water boils faster. (Well, it seems to.) Cooking and entertaining guests is just more enjoyable. Until you notice water damage—that soft spot on your kitchen countertop right next to the sink. While the damage isn’t bad enough to justify the time and cost of replacing … [Read more...]

Revive Your Outdated Kitchen with Countertop Refinishing

Blue Green Laminate BA Countertop

Do you love your kitchen? You should. And you can. But a complete remodel—the traditional way—can be expensive, messy, time-consuming, and wasteful. That’s where we can help. Refinishing your countertops with Miracle Method is faster, easier, more affordable, and gentler on the environment than replacing them. A complete kitchen … [Read more...]