Miracle Method in the Top 10% of Healthiest Brands

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Miracle Method was ranked in FranchiseGrade’s Top 500 2016 franchise brands and based on risk investment, we are in the top 10% of the healthiest brands in the US. franchisegrade top 500

FranchiseGrade.com grades franchise systems through their FPI (Franchise Performance Index™.) The FPI was designed to evaluate, rank and measure the performance of individual and franchise sector performance.

Franchisee investment risk analysis includes

  • Investment Structure – initial franchise fees, working capital requirements, annual costs.
  • Ongoing Fees – A benchmark of total royalties and reoccurring fees.
  • Franchisee Rights – Quality of the territory, potential for continued growth and whether the territory is both protected and exclusive.
  • Franchise Relations – Includes current and prior legal actions between a franchisor and franchisee.
  • System Turnover – Includes franchisee terminations, franchisee ceased operations and franchisee transfers.
  • System Growth – Growth of the franchisee network
  • Item 19 Disclosure – Each grade is based on the ability of a franchisee candidate to analyze financial data based upon the financial information disclosed in Item 19.

FranchiseGrade collected data from 2,400 franchise systems to determine their Top 500 for 2016.

Miracle Method prides itself on not only providing superior refinishing to both residential and commercial customers, but on offering a proven franchise opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs. Third party surveys consistently show franchisee satisfaction is high among Miracle Method franchise owners. Franchisee satisfaction and overall performance is something we take very seriously. There is inherent risk in any business, but it’s valuable to be associated within the Top 10% of the healthiest brands on FranchiseGrade.com!

To learn more about owning a Miracle Method franchise, visit www.miraclemethod.com/franchise or call John Tubiolo, VP of Franchise Development at 855-212-7337.

Tips for Organizing a Small Kitchen

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Tiny houses are all the rage, but for some of us, the thought of less storage than we already have is very intimidating. Truth be told, we all have more “stuff” than we need, but it’s hard to part with things that are sentimental, or things that we don’t use often but are still useful, especially when it comes to entertaining. The challenge is, how do we maximize the space that we already have?

Top Tips for Organizing a Small Kitchen

  1. It may seem obvious (or maybe it’s not) – Do a major purge. It’s sometimes hard to let go of things, but if you’re holding onto something that you never use, donate it! If you haven’t used it for a year or longer, it’s time to let go.
  2. Get rid of any duplicates – how many spatulas, cheese graters, mixing bowls do you really need? Maybe you know a college student or a newlywed couple that is just starting out. Create a gift basket with your duplicates and give them a gift card to pick up something else they need. Your kitchen gets tidier and they get some tools they need without having to go out and invest in all new pieces.
  3. Stack plates and bowls with removable shelves. You can find inexpensive racks at the dollar store and maximize the space in your cabinets by stacking upward.
  4. Use Lazy Susans – easily access all of the items in the cabinet, rather than having to only utilize the space in the front of the cabinet that is within reach. A lazy Susan will allow you to store more and make use of all of the space in the cabinet.
  5. Use small bins to corral small, lose items like cookie cutters, chip clips, measuring cups and measuring spoons.
  6. Make use of vertical space with slide-out storage towers to store items in unused spaces like between your washer and dryer.
  7. Use office file organizers to store Tupperware lids and pots and pans vertically.
  8. Apply a rack to the wall for your spoons and spatulas to save drawer space.
  9. Use a hanging closet organizer on the pantry door to store snacks, rice packets, baking and sauce mixes to save shelf space.
  10. Install racks on the inside of cabinets to store spices, aluminum foil, olive oil, vinegar, etc.


organizing small kitchen

Pinterest is also a great place to find storage and organization ideas. We’ve got boards on bathroom and kitchen organization, as well as decor, recipes, and home trends. Follow us! https://www.pinterest.com/miraclemethod/

Miracle Method Focused on Growth in 2016

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True success comes when vision is combined with a proven product. That’s the story behind Miracle Method, the nation’s largest professional bathroom and kitchen refinishing franchise. Chuck_Pistor_President

President Chuck Pistor is leading the brand into a year focused on growth and is looking to partner with 15 new franchisees in 2016 with specific plans for Florida, Texas and Arizona, in addition to other territories throughout the country.

Pistor became familiar with the refinishing process when a friend refinished his harvest gold bathtub. Recognizing the cost and time benefits of refinishing versus replacement, Pistor researched the industry and saw tremendous opportunity. He then co-founded a coating supply company that sold products to Miracle Method. When the opportunity to purchase Miracle Method presented itself in 1996, Pistor bought the company.

“When I first started researching the company, I asked the first few franchisees in the system about the adhesion process, and there was no question in their minds that Miracle Method’s was the best product on the market,” said Pistor. “A brand with this superior product was close to disappearing due to poor leadership. I was already an expert on the product and I knew that the brand needed a jump start and it has come a long way in the last 25 years, all while maintaining some of our original franchisees, which speaks volumes to the longevity of our product and business model.”

With just a few dozen franchises in business to start, Pistor’s vision and direction has built the network to more than 135 territories that generate more than $54 million in annual sales.

“If you take other similar concepts in our space and add them up in size, we are still the biggest, but I believe that we still have a lot of growth to accomplish,” Pistor said. “It’s amazing how much demand there is, and yet through our research, we know that 80 percent of the general population isn’t even aware of all the benefits of refinishing.”

The challenge has been that many homeowners are unaware that there is a cost-effective, professional alternative to tear-out and replacement that will transform the look of their kitchen or bathroom. Surface refinishing has quickly become a preferred option when updating kitchen countertops, bathtubs and tile. Damaged or dated kitchens and baths can be repaired and updated with a completely new look in as little as two days for about 75 percent less than the cost of replacement.

Miracle Method’s customers include not only millions of homeowners, but also hotels, hospitals, property managers, colleges and universities, making the business model very attractive to potential franchise owners. Its robust business plan gives franchisees access to corporate support and ongoing technical and administrative training opportunities. The brand is looking to attract owner-managers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, but can also scale the mobile business and focus more on development while trained technicians handle the resurfacing projects. Potential owners only need about $60-$80,000 to get started, in addition to the $40,000 franchise fee. Franchisees start with two technicians and two vehicles, and the potential to grow to a multi-million dollar business.

“Our current franchisees understand the opportunity to scale with Miracle Method’s proven business model and services that are in such high demand,” Pistor said. “We’ve really honed in on our process and we’re excited to start 2016 laser focused on development and awareness of our product offering.”

For more information about Miracle Method click here. – See more at: http://miraclemethod.1851franchise.com/article_details/3066/Leader-in-Surface-Refinishing-Industry-Miracle-Method-Franchise-Announces-Strategic-Growth-Plan-For-2016-#sthash.3p1KxdqK.dpuf

Hiring a Professional vs DIY Countertop Refinishing

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DIY is super trendy for 2016. Just spend about 5 minutes on Pinterest and you will see everything from DIY cabinet refinishing to installing pallet walls. Often, doing it yourself is a great option – you can not only save money, but you can do it exactly the way you want, rather than relying on someone else to bring your vision to fruition. YouTube and Pinterest are both great resources for step-by-step instructions and videos on DIY projects. There are some projects that are however, not well suited for DIY and refinishing a bathtub or countertop is one of them.

We know, because Miracle Method is often called in the midst of DIY refinishing jobs to save the day. Here are just a few examples of what can go wrong when you attempt to refinish yourself:

Potential problems with DIY refinishing

  • DIY products are simply not of the same quality or durability of the industrial grade products we use.
  • DIY options have no bond between coatings and the original surface, so peeling is a common problem.
  • DIY kits are rolled on and highly susceptible to streaking.
  • DIY coatings dry quickly but they don’t cure quickly, so the smallest items can cause dents.
  • DIY topcoats are often not waterproof and may result in a cloudy appearance in addition to being “soft” and scratched easily.
  • Safety – refinishing chemicals are strong and require use of a respirator – not just a dust mask, most do-it-yourselfers are not equipped with proper safety equipment, increasing their risk of injury or harm.


Benefits of hiring a quality professional from Miracle Method

  • Two- phase cleaning process removes dirt, grease & build-up from original surface.
  • Burn marks, knife cuts, chips and scratches are completely repaired.
  • Miracle Method’s proprietary bonding agent ensures coatings have a molecular bond to the original surface to minimize any chance of peeling.
  • Over 30 Natural Accent® colors to choose from, applied using a high tech spray process to ensure a smooth and even finish.
  • Waterproof acrylic clear coat for a beautiful, high-quality result.
  • Professional masking to protect surrounding fixtures, cabinetry and walls from any overspray or damage!

FB Post 2016_2

Do yourself a huge favor and save yourself a massive headache by using a professional when it comes to refinishing. DIY is just not fun when it wastes time and money on something that won’t last or doesn’t work. Miracle Method’s refinishes can last 15 years and longer with proper care – which is why we have the best warranty in the industry. Leave your countertop refinishing job to the pros. Call Miracle Method for a FREE estimate 855-212-7337. We have over 135 locations to serve you.

Miracle Method Ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 for 10 Consecutive years

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Miracle Method ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 for 10 consecutive years!

Entrepreneur 500

Every year, Entrepreneur Magazine publishes its annual ranking of franchise brands based on financial and statistical data. Using this information, Entrepreneur recognizes the Top 500 Franchise opportunities in the US and Canada. It is estimated that there are somewhere between 3,000-5,000 franchise brands, so it is quite impressive to be included in the ranking – viewed by most in the industry as the best of franchised brands. 2016 marks 10 consecutive years of Miracle Method being included in the ranking.

Being recognized by an organization of the caliber of Entrepreneur is an honor,” said John Tubiolo, Vice President of Business Development. “We are the leader in our industry and we strive to have the best systems in place for our franchisees so that they can experience success and growth in their businesses.”

As the leader in the refinishing industry, Miracle Method boasts the largest national footprint and growing. For a relatively small investment, $85- $125,000- the Miracle Method model is easily scalable with strong revenue diversity from both residential and commercial markets.

Miracle Method has also been the recipient of consecutive awards for franchisee satisfaction from the Franchise Business Review (FBR).  Not only does a Miracle Method franchise present a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, but the ongoing support ranks high among existing franchise owners.

Phil Panarisi, Miracle Method Franchisee in Indianapolis said, “…Our franchise is set to break another record this year and we could not be happier with the support we’ve received from both the corporate office and other franchisees. The support has been simply phenomenal and the executive leadership at the corporate office is right in step with giving us the tools we need to be successful.” 

Miracle Method has an aggressive growth plan in 2016 looking to add at least 15 franchisees in target markets such as Florida, Texas and Arizona with additional territories available throughout the country.

The demand for refinishing is booming. We need more franchisees in these territories so we can better serve these markets and our national accounts. We are looking for 2016 to be a big growth year for Miracle Method. It is an exciting time to be part of the Miracle Method network.” John Tubiolo

Miracle Method Franchise

In business since 1979, Miracle Method is the #1 Surface Refinishing Company with 137 locations in North America. Miracle Method upgrades baths and kitchens without the mess, expense and hassle of replacement. We restore fixtures in place without the mess and expense of remodeling. Our services are in high demand among homeowners and commercial properties such as hotels, hospitals and colleges alike.

By following our proven systems, franchisees can gross over $1,000,000 each year!

To find out more about owning a Miracle Method franchise, visit www.miraclemethod.com/franchise. We will provide 20 full days of training and help you create a marketing plan with all of the tools you need to promote your business on a local level as well as national advertising.

vet-fran-2logo-green-smallFBR 10th Annual Franchise Satisfaction Awards