Celebrate Memorial Day with the #1 Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

This Memorial Day, take time out of your celebration to honor our fallen soldiers and recognize those for their continual service. We sincerely thank all the brave men and woman who proudly serve our country.

Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

“Memorial Day this year is especially important as we are reminded almost daily of the great sacrifices that the men and women of the armed services make to defend our way of life.” — Robin Hayes

Guarantee Your Future – A Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

According to the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs about half of all service members transitioning into civilian life have faced a period of unemployment within 15 months of separation. Finding a new career path outside the service can be challenging. If you’re looking for a discovery process that offers a successful transition, Miracle Method may be the right fit for you! Discover a reputable veteran’s franchise opportunity that aligns well with military experience.

The Process

Navy Veteran and VP of Franchise Sales, John Tubiolo recognizes a successful business model, “with a great ROI, low initial investment, and limited to no market competition, Miracle Method has become a great option for veterans seeking a low-risk, high-reward opportunity.” Defense training corresponds to the corporate environment as veterans acquire a diverse set of skills that convert into successful leadership, team building, and strategic management abilities.


Miracle Method was rated one of the top 100 franchise opportunities for veterans by Franchise Business Review. In just a 24 month period, Miracle Method’s top franchisees generated annual sales between $779,868 and $2,009,114. Join the many successful veteran franchise owners at Miracle Method today.

Franchise Support

Extensive training programs combined with organizational support from the corporate office lead to a successful franchise. Unlike conventional franchises, Miracle Method provides each franchise with all the local marketing and advertising tools needed. A franchise opportunity that offers long term success.

Get Started

All the essential information needed to begin your business is included in our discovery process. A simple start-up process to own a franchise in as little as 45 to 60 days. Plus, receive a veteran’s franchise discount for all veterans interested in owning a Miracle Method franchise.

More Information

Find out more about Miracle Method’s Franchise Opportunity for Veterans or call us at 855-212-7337.


Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

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Color of the Year – Cappuccino White

Cappuccino white has set the trend board for 2016 Color of the Year, a subtle hint of neutral complexation resembling a warm milky, mocha latte! Awaken a sense of calming with a soft organic color palette highlighted by dark earthy undertones. Rejuvenate style instantly by achieving a subtle white cappuccino theme decor, perfect for any space you choose!

Stay connected with all the latest style secrets, trending color patterns, and fashion forward elements related to home design. Discover clever ideas to introduce cappuccino into your existing home decor.

Color of the year
Cappuccino White Decorating Ideas


Accent Walls

GLIDDEN® paint shows off the finest color trends of 2016, in a variety of virtual room layouts inspired to design any living space you choose. Paint a beautiful cappuccino white accent wall infused by warm neutral hues to create a peaceful atmosphere throughout the entire home. Accent walls painted with light colors provide the right touch of contrast for a cozier, gentle space. Complete your final look by combining fashionable accessories, decorative bedding, and sweet scented candles. Spruce up your décor!

Cappuccino Surfaces

Refinishing transforms outdated kitchen and bathroom countertops to neutral multi-color surfaces similar to the color palette of cappuccino. Neutral countertop surfaces are an attractive remodeling component to appeal to longer lasting trends. Renew cultured marble, Corian, Formica, Wilsonart and other laminate surfaces with Miracle Method’s Surface Refinishing process. Restore existing fixtures while offering a durable and attractive remodeling solution at a fraction of the cost. Create a whole new look in as little as 1-2 days, choose from over 30 designer colors , 2016 color of the year never looked so good!

Color of the year

Throw Pillows

There’s no better way to obtain a sophisticated design than mixing it up from solid to patterned fabric pillows. Create the ultimate cappuccino blend by pairing shades of white, cream, and beige together, all while encouraging modern comfort. Free your mind from the everyday chaos. Sit back and relax with uniquely simple decorating elements. Shop a wide range of fantastically affordable throw pillows from popular sites like Target, Pier1, and WayFair. Just add pillows to modernize your living space!

Home Remodeling is made simple with Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, check out our website for more information or call to receive a free estimate at 855-212-7337. Locate a franchise near you!

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Home Remodeling Month

National Home Remodeling Month

Five Tips to Successful Home Remodeling on a Budget

May is National Home Remodeling month and we are here to help with 5 tips for successful home remodeling on a budget. Capture a fresh new look or complete an entire home transformation with these money saving, nifty tips, all while sticking to your budget!
Are you up for the challenge? There’s no better time to start creating your dream home than now!

1. Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Get results that will leave your family with a smile. Don’t deal with the mess of DIY failure or the inconvenience of disruptive contractors. About 25% percent of Miracle Method’s work is repairing DIY projects that failed or didn’t go as planned. Research kitchen and bath remodeling that’s made to last to maximize your investment. Quality work often comes with a warranty, Miracle Method offers a 5 year warranty on failure of adhesion and with good care often our refinishing lasts 15-20 years.

2. Don’t Break the Bank

Home Remodeling Month

Preparation is key to remodeling. Take the time to set a budget, compare prices, and explore a variety of remodel options. Weigh out your decisions by preparing a comparison checklist to review all the pros, cons, associated costs and potential downtime of your space. Surface refinishing for example, when done by a qualified professional like Miracle Method, can save over 75% of the cost of a traditional replacement and have your space back in service as little as 1-2 days. There are high quality options that will save you money, if you just take time to do the research. Plus an added benefit, when you have a beautiful new kitchen and bath that didn’t break that bank!

3. Make Your Home Look New Again

Recreate your home to look and feel beautiful again. Brainstorm ideas to create an open and new spacious layout. The simple trick of hanging high curtains will create a larger depth to amplify space. Add an illusion of home expansion with light color paint choices or funky wallpaper ceilings. Out with the old and in with the new can go a long ways in breathing new life into an old and tired space!

4. Elevate Trends

Home Remodeling MonthDeliver a stylish home makeover to accommodate modern, traditional, country, or casual decor. Home magazines like House Beautiful and HGTV are a fantastic tool to finding all the latest trends to inspire your new look. Search unique furniture pieces or designated themes on Pinterest to stimulate creativity and inspire new ideas. Convert upscale design into a thrifty experience by shopping local second hand stores to jazz up lightly used furniture or score awesome accessories. You never know what you might find!

5. Keep it Clean

The process of ripping out existing counter-tops and fixtures can be stressful enough and made worse by the mess created. Don’t let debris cloud your thinking space. Avoid the renovation chaos by selecting remodeling options that will minimize mess and demolition. For example, surface refinishing and painting with fresh light colors allows you to reinvigorate a space without demolition or messy replacement. Homemade Happiness.

Miracle Method Surface Refinishing

HomeAdvisor estimates kitchen remodel expenses between $11,371 and $28,853. Don’t let your budget get in the way of your remodeling wish. Miracle Method allows you to save up to 75% over the cost of replacement in as little as 2-3 days, serving over 1 million satisfied customers.

Check out stunning results from Miracle Method’s photo gallery. Find a location near you or call 855-212-7337 to speak with your local Miracle Method franchise.

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Miracle Method of Northwest Atlanta Franchise Starting Huge Dorm Renovation

With over 35 years’ experience in the home building industry, Mike Simmons is running a Miracle Method Surface Refinishing franchise that tackles arguably the most important rooms of the home – kitchens and bathrooms.

“I’m a second-generation builder. My dad was the old-type home builder where he taught me how to do everything. People would call my dad about building a house, and we would go and frame it, do the shingles, siding, trimmed it out,” said Simmons.

Mr. Simmons was raised in Indiana, and moved to Georgia and started out remodeling homes, then moved into building houses including a number of them in Cobb, Georgia.

Since 2012, together with his wife Kay, Mike has been the proud owner of a Miracle Method franchise in Northwest Atlanta.

Atlanta Franchise

Regarding searching for a business opportunity, Simmons said, “We were looking for something different, something you could grow a company in a downturn market,” adding that a former employee had introduced him to the company during the economic downturn around 2008.

Since the beginning, the Simmons’ Marietta-based franchise has done a number of jobs across the North Metro Atlanta area, spanning from Paulding to Gwinnett counties. Outside of residential work, much of their works has been has been for commercial properties, including hospitals, schools, universities and hotels.

The Simmons’ franchise employs 11 people and up to 16 during the busiest times of the year, generating over 1 million in revenues in 2015.
Mike and Kay were the recipients of the President’s Award for 2015, which is hand selected by Miracle Method President Chuck Pistor to recognize Exemplary Service and Commitment to the network.

Miracle Method of Northwest Atlanta is preparing to begin one of their biggest projects in their 4 year history – refurbishing an estimated 340 bathrooms and floors at a university campus, mostly dorm bathrooms but also other areas including a tiled foyer. They will begin the work during the school’s Spring break while the students are off campus. Any work that is not completed during Spring break will be finished during the summer.

Mike and Kay just celebrated 32 years of marriage. Working together presents its challenges, but they create a good balance with one another. Mike is a very driven entrepreneur and Kay is more focused on the numbers and she keeps them grounded.

Miracle Method Surface Refinishing is looking to add 15-20 new franchise locations throughout the US and Canada in 2016 to keep up with our record growth. For more information visit: miraclemethodfranchise.com or call John Tubiolo, VP of Franchise Sales and Development at 855-212-7337.

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Miracle Method is Offering Business Opportunities in Arizona

Vision is what drives a successful business, but true success comes when it’s combined with a proven product. That’s the story behind Miracle Method.

Since 1979, Miracle Method has provided a unique niche service with proprietary technology, and it’s helped us emerge as the leader in the refinishing industry. Now, with a strong network of 137 territories throughout the United States and Canada that generate more than $50 million in annual sales, we are looking to partner with 15 new franchisees in 2016—starting in Arizona.

With one location already in Tempe and another in West Phoenix, we are currently eyeing two open markets—Phoenix and Tucson.

arizona business opportunity

With a population of 1.5 million and one million in Phoenix and Tucson respectively, John Tubiolo, Vice President of Franchise Development for Miracle Method believes these two cities have immense opportunity thanks to their sprawling, multicity metropolitan areas. In additional to thousands of residential properties, Phoenix also boasts high-end resorts due to its popular golfing community. Meanwhile, in Tucson, the University of Phoenix offers another lucrative business opportunity.

“The demand for refinishing is booming. We need more franchisees in territories like Phoenix and Tucson so we can better serve these markets and our national accounts. We think 2016 will be a big growth year for Miracle Method, and establishing a strong footprint in Arizona is a big step in continuing that momentum,” Tubiolo said.

Miracle Method’s customers include not only millions of homeowners, but also hotels, hospitals, property managers, colleges and universities, making the business very attractive to potential franchise owners. Our robust business plan gives franchisees access to corporate support and ongoing technical and administrative training opportunities. We are looking to attract owner-managers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, but can also scale the mobile business and focus more on development while trained technicians handle the resurfacing projects. Potential owners only need capital of, or access to, about $60,000 to $80,000 to get started, in addition to the $40,000 franchise fee. Franchisees start with two technicians and two vehicles, with the potential to grow to a multi-million dollar business.

“We are the leader in our industry and we strive to have the best systems in place for our franchisees so that they can experience success and growth in their business,” Tubiolo said. “I believe our greatest growth period is still ahead of us as more residential and commercial customers discover the benefits of refinishing.”

For more information, visit www.miraclemethod.com/franchise

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