How Do You Support Your Favorite Team?

Broncos Tub - colors only new

Jersey? Check. Yard sign? Check. Team logo meat brander? Check. Bathtub? Check.  Bathtub? That’s right—bathtub. Endorse your favorite team like none of your friends—or rivals—with your team’s colors emblazoned proudly on a clean, sparkling bathtub. If it seems like a luxury you can’t afford, think again. Our surface refinishing process … [Read more...]

Come See Us at the Annual ACUHO-I/APPA Conference


We’re on our way to the annual ACUHO-I/APPA Conference in Kansas City, MO, on October 27 and 28.  We’ll be talking with the people who are directly responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and improvement of college and university residence halls, academic buildings, and athletic facilities—our fastest-growing market today! We’ll demonstrate … [Read more...]

APPA Regional Conferences Exciting Again!


We just got back from five successful Regional APPA Conferences—a great way for us to meet the very people responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of school facilities! As a proud APPA Strategic Partner, we’ve established strong relationships with hundreds of colleges and universities—from the most historic, like William & Mary, to some of … [Read more...]