Miracle Method makes your Kitchen and Bath Beautiful

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Miracle Method Surface Refinishing Franchise Honors Military Veterans

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This beautiful antique bathtub was created by Miracle Method of Cleveland Ohio to pay tribute to and honor all those who are serving and have served this great nation. The armed forces flag tub made its debut January 23rd, 2015 at the 3 day Cleveland Remodeling Show and it was not only a showstopper, but also a crowd favorite. This is wonderful example of the high quality refinishing provided by Miracle Method franchises located though out North America.

Cleveland Troops Tub

It’s easy to see why more people prefer to use Miracle Method than any other refinisher and bathtubs are just one part of the long list of services Miracle Method provides. From bathroom safety to updated countertops, the transformations are stunning. Call your local office for a free estimate or visit www.miraclemethod.com today for more information.

Husband-Wife Team Expands to Serve the Entire Richmond Market

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Congratulations to one industrious husband-wife team for expanding their successful Miracle Method location to serve the entire elizabeth_david_richmondRichmond, VA, market. David and Elizabeth Dowdy recently completed the purchase of an additional territory to meet the rapidly increasing demand in that area.

The Dowdys bought the Richmond location in 2009 and soon noticed that their original territory was not sufficient to meet the growing demand in that area. Five years after opening their Miracle Method location, Elizabeth is still surprised to learn that people don’t know about surface refinishing: “It’s a great niche that’s growing every year.”

David and Elizabeth came to Miracle Method from very different corporate backgrounds. By taking advantage of ongoing training opportunities, corporate support, and the repository of resources, they were able to create a successful team. David manages the technicians, inventory, operations, and vendors; while Elizabeth’s expertise is in customer service, sales, and marketing.

When we asked the Dowdys for the secrets to their success, here’s what they said:

  • Being part of a company that offers a proven business model and unmatched proprietary refinishing system
  • The ability to recognize and meet the growing demand for Miracle Method’s services
  • Delineating roles and responsibilities to capitalize on individual strengths
  • A strong commitment to serving all customers—both new and returning

It’s no wonder the Richmond location is a success. We’re proud to have this committed and talented team as part of the Miracle Method family! The Richmond location is one of more than 140 Miracle Method offices nationwide and in Canada that has the support of the company’s over 35-year reputation of quality and service. For information about owning a Miracle Method franchise, contact John Tubiolo, VP of Franchise Sales, at 877-434-5096 or visit www.miraclemethod.com/franchise.

Holiday College Work

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A number of Miracle Method Surface Refinishing franchisees celebrated the holidays by doing work on over 20 college and university campuses across the country.  College Blog BA

Thanks to Miracle Method, thousands of students will be returning to updated showers, tile floors and vanities in residence halls, locker rooms and academic buildings.  Some of the schools using Miracle Method over the holidays include The University of Alabama, Michigan State University, University of Illinois, New Mexico State, Augustana College, University of Texas, SUNY Fredonia, LSU, Illinois Wesleyan University, Georgia Tech and Wharton County Jr. College.

Miracle Method’s goal is to be able to provide colleges and universities from across the United States and Canada with affordable and durable surface refinishing solutions to maintain quality living spaces for their students.

Common Traits of a Successful Franchise Owner

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So you’re ready to cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit—gain control over your destiny, challenge yourself, and become your own boss. Owning a franchise might just be for you.

Image Source: freedigitalphotos

Image Source: freedigitalphotos

Entrepreneurs are drawn to Miracle Method for many reasons—like financial stability, brand recognition, proven business model, low investment costs. And Miracle Method owners have been named among the most satisfied franchisees in the nation.

But succeeding as a franchise owner requires more than a good reputation and business plan. Research shows that successful franchisees generally share the following common traits:

  1. Strong Management Skills. A successful franchise relies on strong, stable management. You’ll need to hire the best people and delegate responsibility as the business grows.
  2. Love of Learning. An open mind and a willingness to take advantage of a support network are profoundly important to continually improving the operations and profitability of a franchise.
  3. Ability to Multitask. Running a business requires wearing many hats. You should be as comfortable behind a conference table with colleagues as you are in the trenches with employees.
  4. Sales Experience. You must always approach sales as an opportunity to provide a quality, cost-effective solution for your clients’ problems.
  5. Competitive Spirit. A natural competitive drive will motivate you to set goals and achieve them. Healthy competition will also inspire your employees to excel.

Do these characteristics sound uncannily familiar? If so, it might be time to become your own boss. Investing in a franchise may be a very smart career move for you.

Contact Miracle Method at 855-212-7337 today to learn more about our franchise ownership opportunities.