Can chipped and scratched laminate countertops be repaired?

If your laminate countertops look as if they’ve been used as a cutting board, don’t fret, Miracle Method can repair and refinish them so that they look like new!

Countertop refinishing

Laminate countertops are often the right choice for kitchen worktops because they are non-porous, easy to clean, stain and heat resistant, and economical. Over the years, however, countertops can become scratched and chipped leaving them looking downright pitiful.

This is where Miracle Method comes into play. Rather than trying to paint the countertops with enamel or latex paint yourself, it’s better to leave the process to the professionals. Here why: Miracle Method professionals will thoroughly clean the surface, repair cuts and chips, apply a special bonding agent and then apply several coats of high tech acrylic finish. This leaves your countertops looking like new and lasting for many years with normal care and cleaning.

With refinishing from Miracle Method, you also have the choice of an almost unlimited color and pattern selection, including our Natural Accents stone-look finishes. And the best part is that you will save as much as 30% – 75% compared to the replacement cost of laminate, solid surface, or granite countertops. If you’re interested in having your laminate countertops refinished, contact Miracle Method today at 855-212-7337 or visit our website at