The caulk around my tub is black and mildewed and the tub surface impossible to clean!

When you first moved into your new home  you were committed to cleaning the bathroom to a sparkling shine every Saturday morning… after all, you wanted to preserve the “newness”  as long as possible. But with the addition of kids, pets, and other activities, your cleaning schedule went downhill. Now, the caulking around the top of your tub is black and mildewed, and the tub surface after all that scrubbing, is impossible to clean.

The good news is that Miracle Method Surface Refinishing is here to help! Our technicians can refinish the tub surface and  permanently seal the caulk and make it easy to maintain and keep clean for years to come. How is this possible? We use our MM-4 bonding agent to ensure adhesion with the new coating, and then apply new mildew resistant caulk.  Now your bathtub looks like it did when you moved in.

Before: The caulking, tile, and tub are all in need of a makeover.

After: No more yucky black lines or mildew. Just a bright, glossy tub and tile that looks and feels like new!

Want to learn more? Visit the Miracle Method website to learn more about all of our surface refinishing services. If you would like to find a franchise near you, please give us a call at 855-212-7337 or use our online locator.

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