My cultured marble sink is soooo dated. Do I have to replace it to get a new look?

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When you moved into your home about 10 years ago, you decided you’d live with that ugly tile and cultured marble bathroom vanity.  Now you’re  ready for a new look!   Remodeling the whole room, replacing the vanity, sink, tile and fixtures, would be great, but you simply don’t have the budget for that, so you’re searching for a cost-effective remodeling alternative that will give you that new look for a fraction of the cost.

You happen to mention your quandary to a co-worker, who immediately recommends surface refinishing from Miracle Method.   He and his wife called them to  refinish his bathroom vanity and sink just last month.  Wow!  The before and after photos he shared with you were awesome!  The updated color is definitely a transformation!   He figures they saved about 50% over the cost of removal and replacement and have extended the usable life of the vanity and sink by about 15 years or more.  The Miracle Method technician told him the process works equally well on laminate surfaces.   Best of all, because there was no plumbing or messy demolition remodeling to deal with, they were able to use the space again in just one day.

Before:  An outdated cultured marble sink and vanity in need of a makeover.

After: The sink and vanity with a new look – it’s quite a transformation!

Surface refinishing from Miracle Method is the remodeling alternative. Visit our website today to learn more about all of our cost-effective refinishing services. If you would like to speak with a representative, please call 855-212-7337 or use our online locator to connect with a Miracle Method franchise near you.

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