Miracle Method: A Safer Way to Restore Countertops

Once you’ve decided to revitalize your kitchen countertops, you must determine how to proceed. Replacing a countertop is much more expensive than Miracle Method surface refinishing. Painting countertops is analternative to replacement. However, Miracle Method surface refinishing is more durable and more attractive than painting.  Most DIY countertop kits include simple epoxy or enamel paints.  Colors are limited and the application process is best left to a trained professional.  Most “paint jobs” will quickly fail and peel.  When this happens, the owner will have a bigger problem than when they started.

Miracle Method surface refinishing is cost efficient, durable, and attractive and, most importantly, Miracle Method’s countertop refinishing will provide 15 years or more of service.  Miracle Method offers a wide array of stone-like colors and finishes called Natural Accents.  These advanced finishes can transform the look of a kitchen in just 2-3 days.

MM-4 is Miracle Method’s unique, proprietary bonding agent that bonds the new finish to the old kitchen countertop surface.  It is this unique bonding technology that assures the adhesion and durability of the new finish.  It is also the reason Miracle Method can offer a meaningful 5-year warranty. If you have more questions about the Miracle Method surface refinishing product or process, visit the Miracle Method website. You can also call our toll free number, 855-212-7337 to locate a Miracle Method Professional near you.

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