Learn About Surface Refinishing at Your Local Home Show!

Miracle Method Sox Fox

The Sox Fox enjoying our refinished tub at the Home & Landscaping Show in Colorado Springs!

Spring is upon us, and many of us are thinking about remodeling our bathrooms. With tight budgets and limited time, it is hard to get inspired to do a full remodel. There are however, solutions out there to get a fresh new look without the drawn out, expensive, and messy renovation. Surface refinishing with Miracle Method can make old look new again, and extend the life of your bathtub by up to 15 years.

A great place to see Miracle Method’s great results in person is by visiting one of their booths at the spring home show in your city. Here you can see, and touch refinished bathtubs, learn about the application process, and explore the wide variety of color samples they have to offer. Once you see the before and after up close, you will understand why Miracle Method is different from other bathroom refinishing companies.

Restoration of all types of bathtubs is guaranteed with our non-acid refinishing process. Your old bathtub will be transformed by the hi-tech, durable acrylic coating that is smooth to the touch.

To find out more about surface refinishing and to take advantage of this opportunity to update your bathroom quickly, cleanly, and cost-effectively, visit a Miracle Method booth at your local spring home show.

Please visit the Miracle Method website for more information.

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