The bottom of my fiberglass tub/shower has cracked, can it be repaired?

There are many factors that can cause a fiberglass tub or shower to crack or become damaged in some way. Sometimes fixtures are damaged during the shipping process, or even during installation. Damage can also be a result of heavy or sharp objects falling onto the surface accidentally. Most often, cracks are a result of improper installation or support of the fixture. If you’ve got a crack in your fiberglass tub or shower and think you’ll need to replace it, think again.

The types of damage we’ve described above can be easily repaired, and it makes perfect sense to do so when the fixture is in good condition otherwise. Along with refinishing services, Miracle Method offers repair services that can quickly repair the damage and return your fiberglass tub or shower to a usable state – quickly and inexpensively. In fact, most single repairs often cost under $350. The cost of bathtub replacement can exceed $3000.

Our bathtub repair service uses waterproof, polyester resins and fiberglass fabrics to completely rebuild a weak or damaged area.  After the repaired area has been properly filled and sanded, we carefully apply an acrylic enamel resin, usually with an artist’s airbrush. Then, we blend the repaired area into the surrounding surface so that it’s practically invisible. Often we add a non-slip treatment to the bottom to improve bathing safety. We find that with our repair system that the damaged area is usually stronger and better than the original.

Along with fiberglass, Miracle Method’s bathtub repair services include porcelain bathtub repair, porcelain chip repair, tile grout repair, acrylic bathtub repair, hot tub repair, and even Jacuzzi hot tub repair.

To learn more about our bathtub repair services, visit the Miracle Method website. If you’re in need of our repair services, use our online locator to find the Miracle Method franchise closest to you.

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    There are quite a few spots in my bathtub that look like the before picture you have above. I do know that over time, this will worsen. Plus, there are some spots on the floor of the tub are needing to be resurfaced. I wouldn’t try to do something like this myself since I have no idea on how to do it.

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