15 Must-Do Projects to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

If you’re expecting guests this season, then there’s no better time to prepare your home for the holidays. Hosting the holiday bash of the year can be quite overwhelming, but by using these budget-friendly upgrades, you can finally sit back and relax!

Prepare your home for the holidays
Upgrade Bathroom – Don’t scare your guests away with ugly and outdated bathroom vanities or sinks. Refinish your existing surfaces before any guests arrive in just two days or less! For over 35 years, Miracle Method has been dedicated to providing clients with not only a quality experience, but beautifully refinished bathtubs and countertops that cost up to 75% less than traditional tear-out and replacement.

prepare your home for the holidaysInstall Back Splash – Spruce up your kitchen or bathroom by installing a colorful back splash. Consider using peel and stick tile back splashes from RoomMates Wall Décor for an instant, yet glowing transformation!

Photographs – Displaying photographs of your loved ones throughout the home is one of the easiest ways to decorate and add a personal touch. Not to mention, photographs are often a great conversation starter and your guests will enjoy hearing the stories behind them.

Create Shopping Lists – Whether it’s shopping for Christmas gifts, groceries or holiday decorations, consider putting together a detailed list six weeks in advance. When you plan ahead, you can almost guarantee a less-stress or stress-free holiday.

prepare your home for the holidays

Entrance Greetings– – There’s no better way to greet your family and friends than setting an excellent first impression as they walk through the door. Simply add holiday décor, wreaths or lighting to your entry way. Look at these eight super easy ideas from HGTV to deck out your front porch in style

prepare your home for the holidays

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Organize Holiday Décor in advance and make a plan – We all know the ever so frustrating feeling, when you find a broken bulb in that strand of lights just placed on the tree. Before you start untangling those lights and decorating, go through your holiday decorations to make sure everything is working correctly and lay out a plan in advance of where everything will go

prepare your home for the holidays

Prepare the Guest Room– Organize the guest room, so your family and friends feel comfortable during their stay. Replace or clean the bed linens, add decorative pillows or hang wall art to brighten things up a little bit and make sure guest bathrooms are well stocked.

Accent Walls – The holiday season is the perfect time for a change of paint, or even a touch-up to your trim. We recommend a fresh coat of paint on an accent wall or painting an entire room to revitalize a space that needs an update!

prepare your home for the holidays

Refinish Kitchen Countertops – The Kitchen is where you will entertain your guests, bake goodies, and host the holiday party of the year. With Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, you can transform your kitchen or bathroom countertops with Natural Accents ® stone look finishes, in just two days or less. Avoid the embarrassment of worn, ugly and damaged countertops!

prepare your home for the holidays

Install New knobs – Simple upgrades can make all the difference. Adding new or decorative knobs to kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and drawers can certainly freshen things up quickly.

New Curtains – It’s a good idea to swap out your curtains every so often. As style and fashion is ever changing, we find that so are our homes. Replace your old curtains with some of the latest home décor trends introduced this fall, with modern design your guest will love!

prepare your home for the holidays

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Deep Cleaning – Start your holiday season out right, with a deep cleaning session. The cleaning and care of baseboards, walls, windows, ceiling fans, floors, carpet and more, will surely impress your guests. Crank up the music and get to work!

Appliance Check – Don’t wait the very last minute to make sure all your appliances are up to speed- including your heating system and that extra freezer No one wants to celebrate in a freezing house or with no ice for the beverages! Check out your appliances today and get ready for holiday bake sessions and endless food preparations!

prepare your home for the holidays

Add/Change Lighting – Dim, foggy lights are out of the question this season. When hosting a holiday party, be sure to install new lighting fixtures that are in light, bright and cheery for all!

De-Clutter – Whether the holidays or anytime of year, if you are having guest over it’s time to go through that box of miscellaneous items that has been sitting in your hallway! Make piles for items you want to keep, donate or pitch. Store items you want in the proper space to ensure your home stays tidy. A tidy home is always more inviting.

According to Home Advisor, homeowners report an average kitchen remodel costs about $20,474 and smaller projects between $10-15,000. If you are interested in a faster, more affordable and beautiful remodeling solution, before the holidays arrive, start by checking out Miracle Method’s refinishing services. Visit our website here or contact your local franchise at 855-212-7337. Prepare your home for the holidays today and beat the holiday rush!

Inexpensive Renovation Tips to Sell your Home Faster

If you are interested in selling your home quickly for the maximum asking price, you must improve the aesthetics of your home to create added value. When it comes to renovating your property, the bathrooms and kitchen should be at the very top of your list. Get top dollar for your home with these simple, affordable updates.

inexpensive renovation


Renovations are expensive! Rather than replacing your kitchen countertops with new, have your existing counters refinished by Miracle Method. Add value to your home by simply reviving your old, dated countertops with a beautiful, like-new finish, while avoiding the cost and mess of replacement. Whether you have outdated, ugly bathroom vanities, tile, bathtubs or showers, a fresh new Natural Accents® color will give you a high end, stone-look finish!

inexpensive renovation


Any repairs you’ve been putting off will most likely stick out to potential home buyers. Even ones that are not so obvious may end up showing up during the inspection which may lead to a delayed close as well as create doubt in the buyers’ mind that the home has been properly maintained. Take the time prior to listing to ensure you’ve made necessary repairs. Check out this Article on Angie’s List for what is covered in an inspection report.

inexpensive renovations

Always do a deep cleaning before placing your home on the market. Create a presentable image to illustrate a well-cared for home. The cheapest way to elevate appearance is to wash windows, dust furniture and wax floors for that extra sparkle. Mostly importantly, create a spacious view by removing excessive clutter. If you have a difficult time keeping your home tidy during the showing process, consider finding and hiring a professional cleaner from Care.com to help ensure it is always show ready.

inexpensive renovation


First impressions are critical for a seller’s success, so be sure your landscaping gives off a healthy green glow. Take these necessary steps to improve your landscape; plant flowers, install stone walkways and remove weeds. A spruced up exterior with a well maintained lawn makes for an eye-catching view the moment buyers walk up. LoveYourLandscape is the official website of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). The site is designed to educate, inspire, and encourage you to live, work, and play outside and has great ideas on updating your landscaping!

Grand Entrance

An appealing entrance sets the tone for the rest of the viewing. Freshening up your entrance easily welcomes visitors into your home. Consider inexpensive renovation tips like painting your old door, installing new house numbers, or adding a decorative wreath. It’s all about making that first impression as potential buyers walk through the doorway of their potential new home for the first time.

inexpensive renovations

Fresh Paint

Neutral based tones accented by lighter color choices are far more appealing and amplify space to make it appear larger. Repaint any rooms with bright distracting colors. Softening wall colors allows potential buyers to easily visualize your living space as their own. A change in color makes all the difference! Consider checking out Joanna Gaines newest paint line, Magnolia Home, for inspiration!

inexpensive renovations

For more information on updating your bathrooms and kitchen with beautiful refinished surfaces in as little as two days, check out more posts on the Miracle Method blog for inspiring home design ideas and tips! Or give us a call at 855-212-7337 to find a location near you!

8 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Transformations

Do you want granite countertops but simply can’t afford them or don’t want to exhaust your budget? Granite is very trendy but can often be cost or time prohibitive. Installing new granite countertops can become a huge hassle and there is little room for error when matching slabs together to ensure a consistent look. Miracle Method’s Natural Accents® provide a consistent, luxurious stone-look appearance resembling beautiful granite countertops at a fraction of the cost and can be used for countertops, vanities and ceramic tile.

Take a look at these beautiful countertop transformations using Miracle Method’s Natural Accents refinishing process. It just may leave you questioning why you were going to spend that much on granite in the first place.

Before and After Miracle Method’s Natural Accents®

countertop transformations

countertop transformationscountertop transformationscountertop transformations

Countertop refinishing is a process of repairing and restoring an existing kitchen counter or bathroom vanity to extend its functional life, without replacement.

countertop transformationscountertop transformationscountertop transformations
countertop transformations

Save money, time and effort with Miracle Method’s Natural Accents  collection. Specially formulated coatings provide a look and feel that give you a beautiful, long lasting finish without the cost or maintenance. A warm, consistent contrast of a stone, multicolor blend that not only looks luxurious, but costs up to 75% less than granite countertops.

When selecting a remodeling option for your kitchen countertops, quality matters. A five-year warranty protects your countertops from failure of adhesion. A countertop refinished by Miracle Method will last 15+ years with proper care and maintenance. Natural Accents is an affordable alternative to granite countertops and will allow you to love your kitchen again.

Interested in Natural Accents?

Use our virtual color tool to view Natural Accents in a variety of kitchen cabinet styles. To learn how Natural Accents can beautifully transform bathtubs, showers, countertops and more, call 855-212-7337 to speak with your local Miracle Method franchise.


Color of the Year – Cappuccino White

Cappuccino white has set the trend board for 2016 Color of the Year, a subtle hint of neutral complexation resembling a warm milky, mocha latte! Awaken a sense of calming with a soft organic color palette highlighted by dark earthy undertones. Rejuvenate style instantly by achieving a subtle white cappuccino theme decor, perfect for any space you choose!

Stay connected with all the latest style secrets, trending color patterns, and fashion forward elements related to home design. Discover clever ideas to introduce cappuccino into your existing home decor.

Color of the year
Cappuccino White Decorating Ideas


Accent Walls

GLIDDEN® paint shows off the finest color trends of 2016, in a variety of virtual room layouts inspired to design any living space you choose. Paint a beautiful cappuccino white accent wall infused by warm neutral hues to create a peaceful atmosphere throughout the entire home. Accent walls painted with light colors provide the right touch of contrast for a cozier, gentle space. Complete your final look by combining fashionable accessories, decorative bedding, and sweet scented candles. Spruce up your décor!

Cappuccino Surfaces

Refinishing transforms outdated kitchen and bathroom countertops to neutral multi-color surfaces similar to the color palette of cappuccino. Neutral countertop surfaces are an attractive remodeling component to appeal to longer lasting trends. Renew cultured marble, Corian, Formica, Wilsonart and other laminate surfaces with Miracle Method’s Surface Refinishing process. Restore existing fixtures while offering a durable and attractive remodeling solution at a fraction of the cost. Create a whole new look in as little as 1-2 days, choose from over 30 designer colors , 2016 color of the year never looked so good!

Color of the year

Throw Pillows

There’s no better way to obtain a sophisticated design than mixing it up from solid to patterned fabric pillows. Create the ultimate cappuccino blend by pairing shades of white, cream, and beige together, all while encouraging modern comfort. Free your mind from the everyday chaos. Sit back and relax with uniquely simple decorating elements. Shop a wide range of fantastically affordable throw pillows from popular sites like Target, Pier1, and WayFair. Just add pillows to modernize your living space!

Home Remodeling is made simple with Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, check out our website for more information or call to receive a free estimate at 855-212-7337. Locate a franchise near you!

Home Remodeling Month

Five Tips to Successful Home Remodeling on a Budget


May is National Home Remodeling month and we are here to help with 5 tips for successful home remodeling on a budget. Capture a fresh new look or complete an entire home transformation with these money saving, nifty tips, all while sticking to your budget!
Are you up for the challenge? There’s no better time to start creating your dream home than now!

1. Get the Job Done Right the First Time

home remodeling month

Get results that will leave your family with a smile. Don’t deal with the mess of DIY failure or the inconvenience of disruptive contractors. About 25% percent of Miracle Method’s work is repairing DIY projects that failed or didn’t go as planned. Research kitchen and bath remodeling that’s made to last to maximize your investment. Quality work often comes with a warranty, Miracle Method offers a 5 year warranty on failure of adhesion and with good care often our refinishing lasts 15-20 years.

2. Don’t Break the Bank

Home Remodeling Month

Preparation is key to remodeling. Take the time to set a budget, compare prices, and explore a variety of remodel options. Weigh out your decisions by preparing a comparison checklist to review all the pros, cons, associated costs and potential downtime of your space. Surface refinishing for example, when done by a qualified professional like Miracle Method, can save over 75% of the cost of a traditional replacement and have your space back in service as little as 1-2 days. There are high quality options that will save you money, if you just take time to do the research. Plus an added benefit, when you have a beautiful new kitchen and bath that didn’t break that bank!

3. Make Your Home Look New Again

Home Remodeling Month

Recreate your home to look and feel beautiful again. Brainstorm ideas to create an open and new spacious layout. The simple trick of hanging high curtains will create a larger depth to amplify space. Add an illusion of home expansion with light color paint choices or funky wallpaper ceilings. Out with the old and in with the new can go a long ways in breathing new life into an old and tired space!

4. Elevate Trends

Home Remodeling MonthDeliver a stylish home makeover to accommodate modern, traditional, country, or casual decor. Home magazines like House Beautiful and HGTV are a fantastic tool to finding all the latest trends to inspire your new look. Search unique furniture pieces or designated themes on Pinterest to stimulate creativity and inspire new ideas. Convert upscale design into a thrifty experience by shopping local second hand stores to jazz up lightly used furniture or score awesome accessories. You never know what you might find!

5. Keep it Clean

The process of ripping out existing counter-tops and fixtures can be stressful enough and made worse by the mess created. Don’t let debris cloud your thinking space. Avoid the renovation chaos by selecting remodeling options that will minimize mess and demolition. For example, surface refinishing and painting with fresh light colors allows you to reinvigorate a space without demolition or messy replacement. Homemade Happiness.

Miracle Method Surface Refinishing

HomeAdvisor estimates kitchen remodel expenses between $11,371 and $28,853. Don’t let your budget get in the way of your remodeling wish. Miracle Method allows you to save up to 75% over the cost of replacement in as little as 2-3 days, serving over 1 million satisfied customers.

Check out stunning results from Miracle Method’s photo gallery. Find a location near you or call 855-212-7337 to speak with your local Miracle Method franchise.